Opposition leader Adrian Delia today demanded that the government give back three public hospitals to the people after the failed venture with Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH).

Addressing a political activity, Dr Delia said VGH had been given the land but had failed to deliver.

He said it was now up to the government to ensure the land and hospitals handed over to VGH were given back.

Dr Delia reminded his audience how the contents of these hospitals had been sold for €1, and a loan taken out by VGH had been secured against public land.

As previously reported by The Times of Malta, Dr Delia said VGH were given the option of either extending the lease beyond its 30-year term, or being paid €80 million by the government to buy back the land.

He accused the government of not giving a damn about healthcare, and hit out at the “obscene” VGH contract, which he said was designed to fail.

AUM deal

The Opposition leader criticised the AUM land deal, saying the government had lied about the project attracting 4,000 students.

He said the land given to the Jordanian construction group would now be used to build apartments for speculative purposes.

Dr Delia said the PN had filed a parliamentary motion to ensure the land given to AUM would be given back to the people.

“Do not keep on stealing from us. Do not keep on steamrolling over us. We will not remain silent. We will fight for our rights on a daily basis”, Dr Delia said.

He said Labour had not lied when it said it had a 10-year plan for the country.

Dr Delia said the 10-year period was being used to dismantle the country without leaving anything behind.

He said the whole fibre of Malta’s democratic fibre was slowly unravelling.

The Opposition leader said people were slowly waking up to this reality and vowed that the PN would fight Labour with a united voice.

The fight would be taken to Parliament, to the roads, in the village squares, and in the media.

“We will fight for Malta together”, Dr Delia said.

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