Tired of cooking the same thing over and over? An app launched yesterday suggests recipes from the food in your fridge and generates a grocery list of what you need.

KickDish is an app for those who are stuck in a cooking rut and looking for inspiration for new things to cook.

“That’s where the name KickDish came from,” founder Alex Greve said.  “You need the kick to start cooking new things, because you won’t come up with recipes quickly or on your own.”

The app contains over 400,000 recipes, including more than 40 for traditional Maltese food.

Finding a healthy meal plan is relatively easy, but keeping up with it can be a hassle. The application tries to take the extra step of coming up with interesting recipes from the food in your fridge, Mr Greve added.

KickDish is not just a meal planner, but a grocery list generator for people to keep up with what is in their pantry and what needs to be restocked.

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Once a recipe is selected, a list of items is converted into a grocery list, which can then be ordered from Greens supermarket.

“Primarily, the app was developed bec-ause we wanted to save time and convenience for people with a food intolerance,” Mr Greve said.

“It started out as a food allergy app, but now it’s becoming an app for those who also want their groceries delivered.”

The app also includes 15 dietary filters to cater for people’s tastes and needs. The app can help busy families with little time on their hands or “millennials who hate going to the supermarket.”

The app was also designed with those older people in mind who cannot carry shopping bags from the supermarket to their car.

The app contains 400,000 recipes, including more than 40 for Maltese food

Around 500 people have tested the application so far, Mr Greve said, and the latest release became available for the public yesterday.

Initial tests on the application started over a year ago, with 100 people testing KickDish in 2016.

Since then, the app has become more streamlined, modern and responsive, Mr Greve added, saying that the process of getting feedback from test-users was a whirlwind.

KickDish was also nominated for the Malta Communications Authority Award for Best App. The awards will be held later this month.

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