I am very happy to note that the government is finally doing something drastic to cut down on the littering and dumping throughout the country. The measures being proposed are long overdue and should go a long way in protecting our environment.

However, notwithstanding the higher penalties and fines, offenders will not think twice to litter their environment if it is filthy already. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that localities, especially those in tourist areas, are kept constantly clean and tidy.

The other day, I decided to walk my dog along the Gżira promenade, from the Ferry right up to the marina, and I could not believe the amount of filth, rubbish and total disregard to the environment that I had to witness. The area was full of empty glass and plastic bottles, discarded food, abandoned ticket booths packed with rubbish and other litter I will not bother to mention. Even the sea between the yachts along the marina was littered with floating plastic bottles and other objects.

I fail to see how the Gżira local council could tolerate such a situation in a location that is constantly frequented by both locals and foreigners. Hopefully, someday we can be proud of the environment in our beautiful island. Regrettably, we still have a long way to get there.

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