An experienced cyclist has given up and opted for a car because it has been getting too dangerous on the road. 

"I regret this of course, but I have a family to think of. If you think I’m being a little over dramatic see this compilation of videos," Philip Jackson told Times of Malta.

He uploaded a seven-minute compilation of near misses and dangerous driving on Youtube.

"I now drive a lovely Alfa Romeo with a big engine and great stereo. I get stuck in traffic a lot but it is comfortable, has air conditioning and is safer," he said.

'Mr Jackson used to cycle in the UK as a child until 1993 when he started his university studies.

He moved to Malta in 2004 and decided to give cycling a go in 2009 to get fit again.

Cyclists have often raised concern about 'dooring' and near-miss accidents which make their daring commute even more dangerous.

On Friday, a cyclist was attacked by a car driver wearing a brass knuckle who told him to move to the side of the road.

The incident happened on Friday near St Dorothy’s School is Żebbuġ and the cyclist is appealing for witnesses.


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