Before speaking of "robot rights", the Prime Minister should be speaking about employees' rights, the Nationalist Party leader said on Saturday.

Adrian Delia was making reference to Joseph Muscat's statement that Malta will turn its focus onto the regulation of artificial intelligence.

"We must speak about employees’ rights, Gozitan rights, those who are seeking work and those undergoing training. These are human beings," Dr Delia said.

Gozitans’ priorities and challenges were discussed during an annual conference organised by MEP Roberta Metsola.

The PN leader said that difficulties faced by Gozitans were due to government inaction, as it had abandoned a number of sectors, including agriculture.

He recalled that not a single road in Gozo was included in the list of roads that government promised to redo.

Dr Metsola said Gozo’s special status negotiated by the former Nationalist government should result in further funds being translated into initiatives and projects in Gozo.

She said urgent action was needed in Gozo to address the challenges, among them the need for a fourth Gozo Channel vessel, a fast ferry service, training schemes and financial incentives for those who want to invest.

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