The government spent close to €25,000 on a 90-minute press conference on June 8, when it announced measures to kick start the economy after the Covid-19 crisis, information given in parliament on Tuesday shows. 

The event, held at Fort St Elmo, was addressed by Prime Minister Robert Abela. The bill equates to €275 per minute.

Replying to a question by Nationalist MP Ryan Callus, Abela said the overall cost of the event was €24,411.50 of which €10,000 was spent on the stage and platforms. A further €7,000 were incurred for LED screens, €2,489 for lights, €2,420 for a carpet, €1,495.50 on sound and €1,007 for chairs.

The contractors commissioned to handle the news conference were RVC Ltd, Nexos Lighting and Video, TEC Ltd, iCreate Ltd, Besteam Audio Ltd and iStage Ltd.

No details were given about whether the providers were selected by direct order or through a public call.

The prime minister justified the expense on the grounds that the press conference launched a €900 million economic regeneration plan for businesses and measures to stimulate consumption and job creation.



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