Malta will be benefitting from €8 million in EEA and Norwegian Grants under the programming period 2014-2021, aimed specifically towards urban development and poverty reduction.

The money will be spent on projects focused on social inclusion, youth employment and poverty reduction, while prioritising the reduction of the number of children, young persons, and vulnerable persons at risk of poverty and social exclusion, amongst others.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds and Social Dialogue Aaron Farrugia said that in the face of rising populism and euroscepticism, the government was addressing social inequalities and divergences while assuring socio-economic convergence across all of society.

• ‘Reduction in social inequalities in health and the burden of disease’ implemented by the Ministry for Health: €2,407,059
• ‘Opportunity Knocks’ implemented by Appoġġ Agency within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS): €941,176
• ‘Training of Local Council Staff in Principles of Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability’: €200,000 + €1.1 million in grants for Local Councils in Urban Areas both led by the Department of Local Government, Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government
• ‘The Malta Maritime Museum: local development through cultural heritage’ implemented by Heritage Malta: €2,015,529


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