Every Sunday the Church invites us to listen to the Word of God. Often, instead of being inspired we find it difficult to understand. It leaves us cold if not outright confused.

Musbieħ għal Riġlejja by Fr Paul Chetcuti is a collection of reflections on the Sunday Mass Readings. Behind each reflection there is a question: what meaning could this Word give to our day to day life? How can it be a guiding light in my desperate search for truth amid such a cacophony of voices, each claiming to be the truth.

In the words of Bishop Mario Grech: “These reflections help us realise how Christ is right in the heart of every human situation and experience, watering the cracks of our inner dryness, giving life through his Word. Fr Paul uses stories, narratives and events to ‘meet’ the reader on the byways of daily life, walking with him to announce the Gospel of Jesus (Acts 8,35). The curiosity that is instilled by the introductory story of each reflection leads the reader to the deep, ingrained curiosity of each human person to find meaning in his or her life.

These reflections help us realise how Christ is right in the heart of every human situation and experience

“In this journey the author presents the Word of God as the source of life-giving water that will quench his or her deepest thirst.”

This is not just a book to read. It will not answer your questions, but will rather be the one that will question you. The only answer is He who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. In each page you are invited to become like Him and with Him the answer to your own and your neighbour’s questions. Let Him guide you, Sunday after Sunday, step by step, until His Word will indeed become a source of life-giving water within you.

This is a collection of commentaries that were first published in Leħen is-Sewwa between 2011 and 2014, offering support for those who wish to open their hearts to the Word of Life and share it with others.

The writer is a Jesuit with long years of working with young people and in schools. He is a speaker, retreat master with long experience in spiritual leadership and direction.


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