The Senglea Marittima Festival was held over the weekend, offering a voyage of discovery of the historic harbour city.

Events were organised in various locations across the smallest of The Three Cities – but the one with a rich cultural heritage.

The town has a strong historical link with the sea, and during the festival, visitors had the chance to experience this first hand.

The focal point of the event, organised by the Senglea local council, was the Maċina, where visitors were able to enjoy exhibitions, audio-visual displays, lectures and performances.

Among the events, the main square returned to the time of the Knights of the Order of St John, and depicted pre-World War II occurrences, with re-enactments of what life was like during that period in Malta.

Other activities included parades and band marches, while yesterday’s focused on marine activities, displays and water sports, such as canoe polo.

The maritime-themed event is organised to preserve the locality’s socio-historical and cultural heritage, while raising awareness of its potential, with its fortifications and living history.

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