Alexandra White and Robyn Pratt met in Malta and both found life on the island charming. However, like many other expats, they were surprised at the cold and damp inside buildings during winter.

While our winters are relatively mild, compared to colder climates in Northern European countries, Alexandra and Robyn found that keeping their families warm, dry and comfortable was no easy task, especially as both are allergic to mould and mildew. Alexandra was using a combination of gas cylinders, electric heat fans, air conditioning and dehumidifiers – “and we still weren’t that comfortable, especially due to the dry aircirculating dust, pollen and bacteria. My boys wereneeding asthma inhalersregularly”.

Alexandra’s brother-in-law, based in London, had recently extended the basement in his home. To avoid large installation costs of central heating, and to ward off the threat of dampness, he installed far infrared panels, which worked perfectly.

Far infrared refers to the wave range at which humans feel warmth from the sun. It is the range used in infrared saunas and baby incubators, because it provides natural comfort, which stimulates metabolism and blood circulation.

Robyn herself had also heard about the technology popular in Australia, where the winters can be short, but also very damp.

The two set about researching the topic to determine whether this was the answer for them and for other families and businesses that were also looking for a healthy heat solution that was energy efficient, ultimately translating to savings. Eventually, they formed a company, Healthy Heat, which is the exclusive distributor in Malta of Infrapower, the world’s largest and most efficient manufacturer of far infrared heating panels.

“We have researched this product extensively; its price point and energy efficiency make it the answer for a comfortable winter in Malta,”said Robyn. “Conventional heating systems heat the air, causing condensation, however the walls stay mostly cold and warm air rises. Much of your money is wasted heating the ceiling. This is especially true for homes or offices with high, or vaulted ceilings. Our panels warm the body and surrounding walls. Heat energy is not lost warming air or circulating allergens.”

For more information, call Healthy Heat on 9993 1004.


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