The world of luxury furniture and high fashion come together at Versal Gallery, offering an exclusive range of high-end, top furniture by well-known brands from Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The Versal collection represents different styles of furniture from neoclassicism in deep and heavy colours. The range offers brilliant fabrics and exquisite, luxury ornaments, with a coordination of colours that is very dainty, from the charm of baroque and rococo with extremely accurate size , exact proportions and ergonomics design.

Visitors to the gallery will experience the graceful and elegance styling, the tender and calm of the ambience. All furniture comes with a detailed description amd smooth decorations; from the gorgeously-coated, lustrous paints to the classic, golden colour of details and the exquisitely-interspersed ornaments. All these unveil the perfect combination between form and function of the products.

Items on show boast hand-carving, sometimes gilded with gold and silver, fabricated with natural products like solid wood and bronze. Versal is a unique reflection of the European noble lifestyle, shown through art and furniture that is both classical and fashionable, against a background of history and culture.


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