If the property industry excites you and you have not heard about Quicklets, then you should really listen up.

Started by Steve Mercieca, this company is the only estate agency on the island that specialises in letting. The Quicklets virtual agent concept as well as the letting specialists’ friendly demeanour are the reasons why the agency is so efficient and offers a high level of customer service. Thanks to this virtual agent concept, Quicklets receives leads to new properties and clients every day, 24/7. These leads are then taken care of and dealt with by the thoroughly trained Quicklets letting specialists.

Due to the ongoing relations between letting specialists and virtual agents, Quicklets is the first to find out about the newest properties on the market and is therefore able to offer them to its clients as fast as possible, which is also the company’s mission statement.

With little computer experience needed, Quicklets is giving you a chance to earn a little extra cash from home, by encouraging everybody to sign up as a virtual agent. Everything that you need to know regarding the concept is explained in the infographic.

Over the past two years, through the virtual agent concept, Quicklets has also gathered a very large and up-to-date database of properties for sale. Being a company that solely specialises in letting, Quicklets decided that it was time to utilise these great leads and start a totally new and separate brand that focuses on sales: Zanzi Homes.

“We don’t focus on the money. Rather, we focus on adding value to the industry,” Steve Mercieca, founder of the start-up, says.

The new brand is going to be launched just in time for the new year. The company will be launching its specially designed and highly finished offices on December 23. Situated on the ground floor of Standard House in St Julian’s, the offices enjoy a location that has great passing trade throughout the year.


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