Muscat Motors is possibly the best example of commercial or retail modern architecture in the Maltese Islands. Moreover, it is the only true example of Streamline Moderne or Art Moderne in the country. This particular type of architecture was a late version of Art-deco design and, unlike its predecessor, it rejected the idea of ornamentation in favour of ‘streamlining’. The concept was never truly embraced by Maltese architects.

Fortunately, this particular attempt resulted in an iconic building that still retains its elegance today. Its architectural achievements are reinforced through long accentuated lines giving the building a horizontal orientation. The rounded edges in the structure and corner windows together with the smooth finish of the building further cement it as a rare piece of architecture, skilfully displaying the design concept.

Much like Modernism as a whole, Streamline Moderne was not simply an architectural style but an overriding philosophy that influenced the designs in many areas of everyday life such as transport like trains, ferries and cars and even the household industrial design of toasters, radios and furniture.

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority scheduled Muscat Motors as a Grade 2 building on May 8, 2012.

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