I recently visited Marina di Ragusa in Sicily. At about 15 minutes’ drive from Pozzallo harbour, this beautiful seaside resort in the province of Ragusa, is a vibrant hub. It has about 2,500 inhabitants, its own marina, and numerous accommodation facilities and amusement places.

Dress: Roberto Cavalli, Shoes: Michael Kors Bag: Michael Kors All available at Rebelli. Photos: Marco AhlgrenDress: Roberto Cavalli, Shoes: Michael Kors Bag: Michael Kors All available at Rebelli. Photos: Marco Ahlgren

The ancient name of the area was Mazzarelli, which derives from Arabic, meaning small landing.

Marina is a small town that can be easily discovered on foot... by car you can reach wonderful locations such as the Nature Reserve of the Irminio River the beautiful Ragusa Ibla, the baroque historic centre of the current city of Ragusa as well as the spectacular towns of Scicli, Modica, Donnnalucata and Punta Secca.

The latter is a town that has become famous through the television series Il Commissario Montalbano, based on the eponymous books by Andrea Camilleri. The beach house of the famous Commissioner, which appears on the TV show, is, in fact, located in a little villa in the small square of the village.

Every year, thousands of tourists and visitors spend their holidays in this Sicilian locality, which is mainly treasured for its very fine, golden, sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere. I like to visit at least once a year just to unwind, embrace the Sicilian surroundings and, of course, enjoy some of the Sicilian food and wine.

On our last visit, we stayed at Hotel Andrea Doria which I highly recommend if you would like a hotel situated just along the seafront, including a private pool and offering excellent breakfasts, lunches and dinners by its team of in-house chefs with very friendly and helpful staff.

Marina is mainly treasured for its very fine, golden, sandy beaches and relaxing atmosphere

Dining out was, of course, one of the biggest pleasures during this break. We enjoyed a divine meal at the Lido Azzurro Ristorante da Serafino, a restaurant situated on the beach front. Serafino La Rosa opened in 1953. Today, his sons Antonio, (barman by profession) and Giuseppe (sommelier and a connoisseur of food and wines) have taken on the family business. The menu offered reflects the region and, for lunch, we enjoyed a salad of fresh tuna with Pachino cherry tomatoes.

For seconds, we tried a fish soup made using an old recipe that’s been handed down since the restaurant opened its doors, as well as a fried skate with Giarratana onions flavoured with Frappato wine. Superb!

One of the best pizza we tasted in Marina di Ragusa were at Terrazzo Azzurro. You really need to check them out if you are in the area, especially if you’re into pizza like I am.

We also enjoyed a few Campari Spritzers at Beerbante, a small bar found along the seafront promenade, where they served us lovely platters with Sicilian meat and cheese appetisers, including cocktails for just €6 per person. A secret worth knowing.

During my time at Marina, I also organised a number of photoshoots showcasing some lovely out- fits which can all be seen online on my blog. This one, which I haven’t yet revealed, is a dress by Roberto Cavalli, which I paired with black Michael Kors bag and wedges.

On our meanderings we came across a quaint, olive green Land Rover belonging to the Squadra Agonistica di Marina di Ragusa... they kindly gave us permission to use it as prop.

Sicily never disappoints, especially Marina di Ragusa.



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