In the current debate about abortion some facts need to be reflected upon. Those who oppose abortion are being challenged to declare why they are so afraid to discuss the subject. The answer is, of course, that they are not afraid to take up the subject in the same manner that they are most willing to talk about child abuse, drug trafficking, domestic violence, terrorism and other reprehensible matters.

Discuss they certainly can but only to condemn it outright as they do for the above-mentioned subjects and to give their reasons for doing so.

Some people consider those who are fighting to have abortion introduced as being brave. Can those who support a doctor and a mother taking away the life of a defenceless unborn child in the supposedly safest place that nature has carved for it – its mother’s womb – ever be considered brave?

Those who deny what science is continuously  telling us, namely that a child is there from the very beginning of conception, should remember that a woman, upon learning that she is pregnant will announce to relatives and friends that she is going to have a baby.

Never will she proudly say that she is carrying a clump of cells which would hopefully eventually turn out to be a baby. Moreover, if she sadly miscarries, there is no doubt that it is a baby that she has lost, even if it is at an early stage of pregnancy. No woman sheds tears over a cluster of cells or a pair of tonsils or an appendix removed.

Another tragic aspect of the whole matter is that anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts will, more often than not, come back to haunt a woman who has had an abortion. The thought of the child who could have been but is not because she has so willed will often haunt her.

However, those who were instrumental in making this happen usually show no interest in her anymore and no help will come from them. This stands to reason, because in helping a woman overcome her dire psychological situation, they will have to admit that the cause of all this is because a baby has been eliminated.

Regarding this, Christians need to remember that the Lord was never ambiguous in His teachings, and His values will forever remain absolute. There are no grey areas where one can rationalise sin, in this case abortion, by saying that situations can be complex and therefore have to be treated differently. In doing so one ends up by justifying practically any sin whether it is adultery, theft, corruption, wilful murder, homosexual behaviour and euthanasia.

Christ would have none of this. His followers must abide by His injunction that bade them to always assertively say, “Yes, Yes, No, No, because anything else comes from evil.” (Matthew 5-37.)

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