The European Commission has presented an action plan aimed at strengthening the European Union’s automotive industry between now and 2020.

The action plan, which was derived from the CARS 21 Final Report, builds on the vision for the industry’s competitiveness and sustainability in 2020 and makes recommendations on ways to achieve this vision by member states. More specifically, the European Commission is proposing the implementation of concrete action plans which will address issues pertaining to emissions, research financing, electro-mobility, road safety, new skills, smart regulation, trade negotiation and international harmonisation.

The European Commission has consequently proposed four pillars which are to be adopted over the coming years.

It is proposing investment in advanced technologies and financing innovation, with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the European car industry, while increasing resources for research and promoting rules and standards which will help boost innovation within the industry;

It is recommending strengthening the internal market and setting up smart regulations with the aim of attracting investment and maintaining a strong car base. The European Commission believes that it will be necessary for the European Union to have a stable and predictable framework which promotes innovation within the automotive industry.

It seeks to address global markets and the international harmonisation of vehicle registration with the aim of facilitating the export of European cars to new emerging markets.

It is anticipating the adaptation and the softening of the social impacts of industrial adjustments, with the aim of addressing the present economic situation of declining EU markets and its structural overcapacity. The adoption of the Action Plan derived from CARS 21 Report is not the final phase of a process. The European Commission will be monitoring the implementation of the policies announced and will continue its dialogue with all stakeholders through a detailed process called ‘CARS 2020’.

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