Life can be enjoyed in so many ways; from quiet moments enjoying your own company, to happy gatherings with family and friends, making the most of the beautiful Mediterranean weather.

Ideacasa, part of Vivendo Group, is focused on delivering high-quality furniture of exceptional design. As part of its portfolio, Ideacasa offers outdoor furniture by Cane-line, a Danish company where designers strive to make aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand, while enhancing a vibrant outdoor living experience where the furniture complements the atmosphere.

The Cane-line collection includes a whole collection of outdoor living, consisting of sofas, tables, chairs, loungers, swinging sofas and sunbeds. Design and expression of every single piece of furniture matter, but at Cane-line comfort is also a core issue. The whole collection is created to add value to outdoor living. That is why durable quality and easy maintenance accompany design and comfort.

Cane-line offers the Tex material which is a coated polyester sling fabric excellent for outdoor use, requiring only minimum care and maintenance. Cushions with Tex material come with quick dry foam which provides maximum drainage and air circulation, allowing cushions to dry faster after exposure to rain or dew. Tex also includes an antibacterial protection preventing fungus and mould growth inside the cushion.

Cane-line’s weave is a fibre made of dyed and hardwearing polyethylene. Its water-resistant features make it withstand large temperature differences. The structure of the fibres and weaves provide flexibility and comfort. Both materials are UV resistant and overall maintenance-free, maintaining colours and shapes for years. In fact, a five-year warranty on fading of materials and structure is given.

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