The King’s Own Philharmonic Society is presenting its annual symphonic band concert at the Catholic Institute, Floriana, today.

The concert will feature Ben-Hur Overture by Miklos Rosza, Arlesienne Suite No. 1 by Georges Bizet, Mystico by Etienne Spiteri, the overture to La Gazza Ladra by Gioacchino Rossini, Jungle Book by Shermann, the Grand March from Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner and Tifhira by Sandro Camilleri.

A Celebration of Life, composed by Johan Galea, dedicated to the memory of Anne-Marie Matrenza, will be premiered during the concert.

The orchestra, under the direction of Galea, will end the evening with the eponymous Omaggi alla King’s Own by Francesco Gobet.

The concert will kick off at the Catholic Institute in Floriana today at 7.30pm. Patrons are asked to be seated by 7.15pm.