Nazzareno Attard has won the Six Nations Olympic trap shoot – the Fazz’a Italian Cup 2016, Memorial Nando Rossi – held earlier this week. In the final, he outpointed one of the world’s best shooters, Giovanni Pellielo, to claim the prestigious title.

The countries taking part were Italy, Malta, San Marino, India, Australia and Iraq.

After the semi-finals, Attard prevailed in a three-way shoot-off to qualify for the gold medal match.

The ones missing out were 2016 Baku World Cup winner GianMarco Berti, of San Marino, and India’s Vivaan Kapoor, the youngest competitor at the Italian Cup.

Kapoor missed the first target of the shoot-off while Berti failed in his second. The San Marino shooter eventually finished third after having the better of Kapoor in the bronze medal match.

Pellielo is a four-time Olympic medallist for Italy. He won bronze in 2000 and three silver medals in 2004, 2008 and in Rio this summer. However, Attard, the 2009 GSSE trap shoot runner-up, was not overwhelmed by the occasion as he edged Pellielo 13-12.

The other Maltese shooters competing in the Italian Cup were Pierre Montebello, Charlie De-manuele, Jean Deguara, Carmel Calleja, Charles Borg, George Cassar and Joe Cutajar.