The Nationalist Party has filed a complaint against the Public Broadcasting Services, claiming persistent imbalance and manipulation in the TVM news.

Referring to the news bulletin of Tuesday March 11, PN director of information David Herrera said the PBS newsroom aimed to push the government’s agen­­­da through.

The duration of the pro-government features, the detail and the repetition of the message were blatant, said the PN. On the other hand, the Opposition’s voice was being muffled through dry reporting followed by features aiming to disprove the PN’s message.

The example of the sale of Enemalta shares and the Opposition’s reaction to the first year of a PL government were cited.

“It is very clear that the PBS newsroom is not making a clear distinction between the party and the government and is allowing the Labour Party to speak on behalf of the government,” said Mr Herrera.


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