People who donated their hair for the Bupa Breast Cancer Project were invited to an awards ceremony, held under the auspices of Acting President Dolores Cristina, at the Palace, Valletta, as a token of the organisers’ appreciation.

The 2016 edition of the Bupa Breast Cancer Project saw 140 participants, spanning three generations who selflessly donated their hair to be turned into 60 wigs for cancer patients.

Speaking at the event, Bupa branch manager Charles Zarb said: “For the second year running, we have seen the participation of a great number of generous volunteers who chose to give something personal that will be used to reduce the suffering of those in need.”

He thanked the volunteers on behalf of the cancer patients who would benefit from the generosity of those who put others’ needs before theirs.

The Bupa Breast Cancer Project served not only to help patients but also to raise awareness about breast cancer, as well as organisations in Malta such as The Action for Breast Cancer Foundation which lobbies for better services and treatment. ABCF chairperson Esther Sant was one of the guests of honour.

GlobalCapital, as well as Bupa Malta, are currently participating in other initiatives such as the Pink October campaign, aimed at helping people “live longer, healthier, happier lives”.


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