One can taste and smell the scent of a flame-grilled Burger King burger any time. Therefore, Burger King fulfills a wish by taking advantage of a species with a one-of-a-kind nose to follow exactly that scent. This way the brand enables a special Whopper fan to find his way to the closest Burger King restaurant through a dog – a ‘Whopper Dog’.

Nathan is 29 years old, visually impaired and loves life. His passion: flame-grilled burgers from Burger King. His faithful companion Flynn never leaves his side. To enjoy flame-grilled burgers whenever Nathan desires to, he came up with a great idea: combining the obvious.

Since Flynn – the best nose in town – helps Nathan find his way through everyday life, Nathan asked Burger King about the possibility of training Flynn on the special scent of flame-grilled burgers. Burger King wants every fan to get the chance to enjoy flame-grilled burgers whenever they want to, so the only appropriate answer to Nathan’s request was a yes.

Therefore, Flynn was offered special training to detect the scent of flame-grilled burgers. In his new position as a ‘Whopper Dog’, he leads his owner Nathan to the closest restaurant on command. Thanks to Flynn, Nathan can now enjoy his own very special Burger King moments whenever and wherever he wants to. Burger King filmed the process and released a video of Nathan and Flynn which can be viewed on  

“Our film around the Whopper Dog takes up a relevant topic. At the same time it proves that the brand’s flame-grilled burgers are not only an advantage when it comes to taste, but also in case of finding one’s way to the best burgers,” says Food Chain marketing executive Isabelle Hyzler.

The Burger King franchise is locally operated by Food Chain Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.

(Content provided by Food Chain Ltd)


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