In the wake of trails observed in the sky over the past few days, the Gaia Foundation is calling on the transport and environment authorities to investigate whether airline companies are involved in geo engineering tests over Maltese airspace to affect climatic conditions.

The environmental organisation said these trails hang in the sky for several hours, leading to cloud formation, and could be seen covering huge areas and forming massive clouds on satellite images.

“Many times, planes have been seen actually switching these trails on and off, creating even more suspicion of some intentional acts of commission. The engineering of clouds to manipulate climate is a reality and has been recognised by the scientific community and geo engineers in particular as a possibility for many years,” it said.

The environmental organisation said the airline industry is obliged to act with the utmost transparency and accountability, and air traffic regulators have an obligation to investigate and provide all related environmental information in line with the principles of the Aarhus Convention, which have become part of European Law.

The foundation said it had been carrying out its own investigations to propose more thorough policies and regulations to ensure that Malta’s skies remained free of any form of geo engineering carried out by foreign corporations.

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