The Catholic pro-divorce group has expressed regret about comments by Gozo Bishop Mario Grech, who on Sunday accused believers like them of being “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

“We do not feel such language befits a spiritual shepherd,” the group Kattoliċi: Iva Għax Dritt (Catholics: Yes because it’s a right) said.

Such language fell short of Christian charity and did not treat the position of Catholics like them with respect and wisdom, the group noted.

It was not the case that those who chose to vote yes in the referendum were not in communion with Christ, were disloyal to the teachings of the Church or were traitors, the pro-divorce group said.

“We must call attention to the fact that Catholics who vote yes in the referendum will not be declaring themselves in favour of, or against divorce as a matter of moral or religious legitimacy.” Instead, they were only recognising the state’s duty to legislate for its citizens, irrespective of whether or not they were Catholic.

This was in line with the catechism of the Catholic Church which said: “God does not want to impose the good but wants free beings”. The Church should not put pressure on the state to refuse marriage and a happy life to those who did not want to or could marry in Church.

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