As the referendum campaign reaches its end, the Church is insisting priests will abide by the law and refrain from talking about divorce on Friday and Saturday when canvassing is not allowed.

A Curia spokesman said the Church would not be issuing any special instructions to parish priests or clergymen to remind them of the law.

“I am confident priests are law-abiding citizens,” the spokesman said when asked whether priests will be instructed to avoid mentioning divorce and the referendum during homilies or home blessings on Friday and Saturday.

Friday is considered to be a day of reflection and no campaigning is allowed. The ban also covers media outlets, which cannot report events or statements deemed to influence the electorate.

The ban also applies for polling day on Saturday.

The referendum campaign reaches a climax tomorrow evening when Deborah Schembri and Arthur Galea Salomone for the pro and anti divorce movements go head-to-head in a debate on TVM, the state television station as part of the referendum schedule drawn up by the Broadcasting Authority.

The debate will be aired at 8.40 p.m.

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