Upholstery and interior textiles get a lot of wear through dust, road dirt and everyday soiling. But the Sonax interior care specialists ensure comfortable seating and a pleasant atmosphere while driving.

To clean your car’s interiors, first remove the floor mats and thoroughly vacuum clean the coarser dirt, not forgetting the boot and spare wheel recess.

When vacuum cleaning dusty cockpits and the central console a small soft brush and woollen threads come in very handy to access corners, edges, recesses and ventilation slits.

The Sonax Xtreme cockpit cleaner matt effect cleans, maintains and seals all interior plastic components. It prevents electrostatic charges, has a dust repellent effect and protects against fast renewed soiling. The cockpit’s original matt appearance is preserved, and distracting reflections on the front windscreen are avoided. The easiest way to apply it is with the Sonax care pad for plastics.

The Sonax Xtreme interior cleaner thoroughly cleans seats, carpets, door trim panels, floor mats and roof lining, and is gentle on materials. Simultaneously, the odour neutraliser it contains quickly and lastingly eliminates cigarette smoke, animal and other unpleasant odours.

Spray the cleaner onto the soiled areas and work it in with the Sonax care pad for plastics. Stubborn soiling can be further treated with a sponge or soft brush.

After a brief working, use a slightly moistened lint free cloth to wipe up the grime. When the surfaces are dry, vacuum clean once more.


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