The director general, Consumer Affairs, Josephine Borg, has issued a public statement in accordance with Article 8 of the Consumer Affairs Act (Cap.378), in which she said that Pierre Camilleri of Aqualux has not honoured the decision delivered by the Consumer Claims Tribunal.

Consumers had hired the services of the trader for plumbing works but said in their submissions that after a month-and-a-half, he started to lag in his work. Promises by the trader to resume the works did not materialise and he ignored several letters and phone calls by consumers. 

Consumers also said that they had to hire another plumber who found many shortcomings in the previous plumber’s work.

The trader failed to submit a reply to the consumers’ claims and did not appear at any of the sittings although the tribunal declared that he had been duly notified.

The tribunal upheld the consumers’ claims and ordered the trader to refund them the sum of €1,583.


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