Worldwide deliveries by the Volkswagen Group grew 4.7 per cent to 870,300 units in October. The group delivered 8.5 million vehicles from January to October 2016, an increase of 2.6 per cent.

“Our delivery figures show that our vehicles convince many buyers. Our customers’ trust in our products is our most precious asset,” Fred Kappler, Head of Group Sales, said. “We want to keep on thrilling our customers with quality, ride comfort, safety and innovations, because we can only master the upcoming challenges through qualitative growth,” Kappler continued.

The Volkswagen Group delivered 3.5 million vehicles (+3.3 per cent) in Europe during the first 10 months, of which 338,000 (+0.9 per cent) were handed over to customers in October.

Group deliveries in Western Europe rose slightly to 280,600 units (+0.2 per cent). The good delivery performance in the UK, Italy and France helped counteract the decrease on the home market of Germany (-9.8 per cent). In contrast, the group recorded 4.2 per cent growth in Central and Eastern Europe on the back of the solid delivery trend in Poland.

The Volkswagen Group delivered 76,600 vehicles (-4.8 per cent) in the North America region during October. Performance was affected above all by deliveries in the USA (-9.5 per cent).

The macroeconomic situation in the South America region, particularly in Brazil, remains tense. The Group handed over 349,600 vehicles to customers in this region during the first 10 months – a decrease of 27.7 per cent.

In the Asia-Pacific region, 3.5 million vehicles (+8.9 per cent) were delivered from January to October, of which 3.2 million (+11.3 per cent) were handed over to customers in China. Deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region in October increased by 15.9 per cent compared with the previous year to 390,300 units, of which 363,900 vehicles were handed over to customers in the Chinese market, representing an increase of 16.6 per cent.


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