Q. Less than a year ago I ordered an aluminium window with UV protection glasses. Recently, I noted that the window’s glass had a yellow line that crossed the window from one side to another. I spoke to the seller about this problem who told me that he will check with the glass suppliers. My seller did not get a reply from these suppliers so I wrote directly to them and explained the problem. The only reply I got is that this is the first time that they have such a complaint and that they are waiting for a reply from their own supplier. What are my rights?

A. The person responsible to provide you with a remedy to this problem is the seller from whom you purchased the aluminium window. This unless you purchased the window’s glass separately from another supplier. In that case it is the latter who should provide you with an adequate remedy.

If the window’s glass is defective then you are entitled to request the seller to either fix the problem or replace the glass. If neither of these two solutions are possible, or to be carried out will cause you a significant inconvenience, then you may opt to cancel the sale and request a refund.

Should you not manage to solve this problem directly with the seller you may then lodge a complaint with the Office for Consumer Affairs and you will be provided with the required assistance to reach an amicable settlement with the seller.


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