TKS – The Kitchen Store – has added Royal Doulton to its range of products, featuring tableware by designers such as Karolin Schnoor and internationally renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.

The collection includes: Fable by Schnoor – a stylish white porcelain dinnerware set in clean, contemporary shapes, designed to be enjoyed every day; 1815 ‘Inspired by heritage. Designed for Today’ – an effortless combination of old and new, re-interpreted for today’s living, which features a dipped colour design; Maze by Ramsay, a stylish dinnerware set exemplifying performance and presentation – a collection that draws the inspiration for its contemporary design by the chef’s Maze Restaurant in London; and Bread Street by Ramsay, a range consisting of a neutral slate and white colour palette, adding interest by using different finishes for a striking and smart look.


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