Morna l-BaħarMorna l-Baħar

Andrew Borg, a draughtsman and painter in oil and watercolour, will feature at the first Art Discussion Group meeting being held today.

Borg, who loves academic drawing and design, will be giving a PowerPoint presentation of a collection of his works, followed by a discussion and evaluation.

His oil paintings are executed en plein air or in the studio, but location is not his prime interest as he prefers to convey a detail  to transform reality into an impression and an impression into an abstract concept.

Mġiebah, MaltaMġiebah, Malta

Borg loves vast empty spaces using light, colour, line, shape and form. His strength lies in his drawing and design.

The event is taking place today at 7.30pm at St Mary’s Band Club, Qrendi (near the parish church). For more information, send an e-mail to or visit or


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