I am a pensioner in bad health and have been on the phone with Melita because I suspect they have been overcharging me.

However, since I could not get any satisfaction on the phone I decided to go to the nearest branch, which is in Paola, to get it sorted out.

I have had to go there several times, as the bills they sent me kept arriving incorrect.

Every time I went I asked to see the manager but every time I was told he was not available, or he was not in the shop.

This has been going on for some time now, and so far I have not managed to see this so-called manager in Paola.

I am beginning to think that this man does not exist.

It is shameful how Melita treat their customers and it’s about time another company took over this business, instead of just having to rely on Go or Melita.

All they care about is the fat profits they make. They care little about their customers.

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