Sandro SpiteriSandro Spiteri

Sandro Spiteri recently graduated with a doctorate in system change in education from the Institute of Education, University College London. His thesis, entitled ‘Developing a quality enhancement culture in Maltese education’, looked at Malta’s attempt at whole system change in education in the 2000s by transforming State oversight in all education sectors from an inspectorial to a quality enhancement model.

Using a Weberian-paradigmatic conceptual frame­work from a small-islands perspective, his research focused on the development of national regulatory systems in further and higher education.

His Maltese case study showed that the characteristics of small island States can help buffer their further and higher education systems from the effects of the internationally dominant neo-liberal paradigm.

Dr Spiteri is a senior executive at the University of Malta’s Quality Support Unit, an associate of the University of Glasgow’s Robert Owen Centre, and chair of the board of directors of Verdala International School, Pembroke.

Dr Spiteri’s studies were supported by a scholarship from the Malta Government Scholarship Scheme (MGSS).


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