The European Commission has launched a campaign which aims to assist small and medium enterprises to recover debts across borders. This initiative focuses on several national activities which are designed to help SMEs take advantage of existing laws with a view to ensure the settlement of debts from debtors in other countries.

The EC is aware that there are very few incentives which encourage SMEs to operate outside the borders of their home country for fear they may encounter oppressive procedures when claiming payments from clients for products and services.

The EC is confident this campaign will encourage more SMEs to enter into cross-border business deals and to become more competitive and tap more markets. A number of national activities to be held in all EU member states and Croatia until June 2014 will provide SMEs and stakeholders with information on credit and claims management.

It is expected that the four-month campaign will provide member states with practice-based guidelines, tips and materials on ways to manage credit and invoicing. It aims at broadening awareness on the improvement of the use, understanding and awareness of the available legal instruments for cross-border enforcement claims and relevant EU legislation.

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