Edgar Galea Curmi may have kept a relatively low profile during the past five years but he was Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi’s right-hand man throughout and held different government positions before.

Now, he returns as a full-time assistant lecturer at the University of Malta, where he was almost 15 years ago, lecturing, supporting students, reviewing study programmes and investing in his own studies.

“It is exciting to be back at a University that is so vibrant and full of stimulating new programmes, projects and initiatives, and to be part of the newly set up Faculty for Social Well-being,” he says.

He says the transition has brought with it a mixture of relief, self-evaluation, frustration and appreciation for common everyday life and the freedom of being an average citizen.

“My family and friends, students and colleagues at university have made this transition relatively easy,” he says, adding that he was also enjoying using Arriva from Mellieħa to University, which he describes as an “excellent” service.

Will he be retiring from politics?

“If I am called to take responsibilities within government in the future I shall consider them within the context of my circumstances at the time. There’s a time for everything and right now it is the time for my family and myself,” he says.

“Within the Nationalist Party, my involvement has always been at policy development level.

“It will be up to the new leadership of the party to decide whether my contribution at that level is required.”

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