The European Commission has announced the launch of a call for project proposals based upon the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. As an initiative of the three operational pillars within the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme framework, the IEE programme offers funds in the region of €730 million to public, private and non-governmental organisations working to improve energy sustainability.

The CIP call is designed to assist in energy projects which foster energy-efficiency and the rational use of energy sources; promote new and renewable energy sources and energy diversification; and which promote energy efficiency and the use of new and renewable energy sources in transport.

The European Commission, which is overseeing the CIP, has also declared that the launch of the remaining two operational pillars through the CIP’s Information and Communications Technologies Policy Support Programme and the Entre-preneurship and Innovation Programme will be announced in the coming months.

For further information about the IEE call, visit

Additional information may be obtained from the Malta National Contact Point at Malta Enterprise at or on 2542 0000.

This information was supplied by Impetus Europe Consulting Group Ltd.

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