Students at University and the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology are wanted by Aiesec for enriching opportunities abroad.

Aiesec is the world’s largest student run organisation, present in 113 countries and territories. Its main aim is to develop the leadership skills of young people in a multicultural environment.

“We do this by providing members with the opportunity to connect with a global network, develop their leadership potential by being members of one of our teams and by going on exchange so as to make a positive impact on society,” Aiesec Malta said.

Aiesec offers the chance for members to go on two types of internships:

Professional Internships ranging from 16-78 weeks in several fields including international marketing, project management, software development and programming, public relations, advertising, linguistics and bilingual education.

The intern receives a salary from the company they work for according to the economic situation of the country they are in.

Social development internships ranging from 6-12 weeks in several fields, including community development, corporate social and environmental responsibility.

The locations for such internships include: Egypt, Kenya, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey and Hungary. Most of these internships cover the participant’s costs for accommodation, food and transport.

Case studies

Sara Darmanin
– 10 weeks in Kenya

This summer I took up the challenge of going to Kenya for 10 weeks to work on a voluntary Aiesec project with another student, Claudia Barona Padovani.

With the help of Aiesec Malta’s Outgoing Exchange team we were able to prepare ourselves for the adventure. We worked at a Success Care Centre in Mathare Slums in Nairobi with three other international students.

The school hosts over 350 students, most of whom are orphans and therefore we did our best to make school life more enjoyable. For instance, we managed to organise special events such as a movie day and also an art and sports day.

We also managed to travel around Kenya to experience the wonderful wildlife by going on a safari tour and we experienced some of the best beaches near to the city.

The energy and smiles of the children is what made every day meaningful and taught us to appreciate the small things in life. It was an intense learning experience for both of us and definitely one that we will cherish in our hearts for years to come.

Louise Camilleri
– Eight weeks in Cameroon

Summer 2012 shall mark a turning point in my life. From a young age I wished to travel solo and work abroad. Aiesec Malta enabled me to fulfil this ambition.

This summer I lived in Cameroon for two months, to work on promoting destination Cameroon 2015 with the Cameroonian Ministry of Tourism.

Although it was a voluntary experience, the personal benefits were beyond measure. Living with purely basic needs made it such a rich experience, which although demanding, was extremely rewarding.

Having five different nationalities on our team made me more tolerant, and helped me to develop new ideas and creativity. I find myself doing more and worrying less.

I can relate stories about crazy taxi rides with seven people in a single car, or how the music only went off from 2am till 5am on a 12-hour night train! But it is frustrating to try and describe the sensations felt there. It simply had to be lived.

One thing I know for sure, I just want more from Aiesec. Not only is it providing me with experience which will give me confidence at the work place, Aiesec is providing me with support, self-development and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

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