Hundreds of luscious, fat straw­berries were handpicked by Mġarr farmers from the fertile fields in Żebbiegħ area in preparation for the upcoming Strawberry Festival.

Under the watchful eyes of President George Abela, who stopped by on a short visit, farmers began harvesting the tasty Mġarr strawberries, known for their flavour and sweetness.

Dr Abela thanked the farmers for their work and pointed out that theirs was not an easy job; it was not an eight-to-five job.

Maltese farmers supplied the market with fresh and local produce and it was important to support the farming industry.

Thousands of strawberries from Mġarr will be sold on April 14 during the highly popular Strawberry Fest, known as Festa Frawli, in the main square of Mġarr.

During the fair, now in its seventh year, visitors will not only be able to buy freshly-picked strawberries but also taste a wide variety of desserts, snacks and beverages, all of course made from strawberries.

Professional chefs will also be preparing strawberry-based gourmet dishes such as ravioli and homemade strawberry wine and jams.