Fino has revamped its website – – designed and developed by Zheta International using the latest HTML5 technologies.

The enhanced website is now flexible and versatile enough for ease of viewing on desktops, laptops, iPads and tablets.

The use of HTML5 caters for numerous platforms, while maintaining a strong visual interface. The advantages of HTML5 include improved SEO for video content and other new tags that allow search engines to categorise content and links more accurately.

The glossy website illustrates stunning visual capabilities that were before onlypossible through Flash websites, as well as more web-friendly graphics and broader interactivity. Fino has also launched a mobile version of the website, allowing clients to continuously expand and experience Fino while on the move.

The website recently received the CSS Design Award, an inspirational showcase celebrating emerging talent. The goal of the CSS Design Awards is to capture every step in the rapid evolution of web design and to shine a light on inspirational designers.

Fino’s website was also displayed on the renowned Favourite Website Awards homepage.