Life Network Foundation held its first fundraising dinner in a beautiful garden full of flowers and fairy lights lent for the occasion. The committee put in a lot of hard work to set the scene but were richly rewarded as everybody enjoyed the setting, the buffet, the music and the happy atmosphere that pervaded the evening.

The foundation’s chairwoman, Dr Miriam Sciberras, gave a moving closing speech, having just returned from a training course to help women in crisis pregnancy and post-abortion in Romania.

The trauma of abortion affects all the family, missing siblings, lost fatherhood and motherhood and broken kinship bonds that create a lot of pain and mistrust in families over the years.

The proceeds of the evening will go towards training local counsellors to help women in crisis pregnancy here in Malta. A lifeline will be offering help and support to women in crisis pregnancy, difficult prenatal diagnosis and post-abortion. It will be supporting women and offering more life-affirming choices. Malta has always been very pro-life and the foundation intends to help women keep it that way.


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