Nothing compares to the enthusiasm of a new graduate entering the job market, especially in an industry that offers global career prospects. Andrea Attard, who joined HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. as part of the bank’s management graduate programme, talks about his journey so far and the opportunities that await.

What is your new role?

I’m currently working for HSBC on the management graduate programme which involves a series of placements and taking on different roles over two years. My current role is in capital financing within global banking and markets at HSBC Malta.


Choosing your employer is challenging especially since the competition in the financial sector is relatively strong. HSBC’s focus on development and career progression was key to my decision.

Moreover, being a world-leading organisation, HSBC is able to offer a range of exciting opportunities and the chance to work internationally.

What degree did you read for and does it relate to your job?

As a Bachelor of Commerce graduating with honours in banking and finance, working in the financial sector seemed an obvious choice. However, it was not essential to be a business graduate to join the HSBC family.

HSBC is all about connecting customers to opportunities and employees are at the heart of making this vision a reality. Therefore, training and development opportunities are essential to bring out the best of recruits at all levels.

Each and every employee is an integral part of a culture that seeks to help clients fulfil their dreams and realise their ambitions.

What was the most important reason for joining HSBC?

Naturally, I could say connectivity, global reach or even opportunities but, above all, HSBC provides an environment where you are encouraged to excel by working hard and having a little fun along the way.

You briefly mentioned training – how have you been able to put theory into practice?

From the very first day we are encouraged not only to be employees but also to be ambassadors of the HSBC brand. Training is an essential part of each employee’s development and typically ranges from role specific training to operating in the right way.

We are encouraged to embrace HSBC’s values – to be dependable, open to different values and cultures, and to be connected – as part of our everyday work.

What makes HSBC one of the leading employers in Malta?

If you are willing to work hard, be committed, dedicated and ambitious, then I believe HSBC offers brilliant growth prospects.

We all have different capabilities, skills and experience. HSBC is all for utilising the gifts we have as well as exploring new ones.

My advice to new recruits is to always think positively and see the bigger picture. It is crucial to enjoy what you do at each stage of your career. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you do: you simply need to give it your best.


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