The Kid Trotter family scoots into Malta on April 13 to film their international family travel series – an innovative collection of travel videos for families worldwide. Invited by the Malta Tourism Authority and Micro scooters, the family will spend 10 days producing a series unravelling local culture.

When the Clifford family embarked on their ambitious video project almost two years ago, they could never have written the script of what was to follow. Their dream was to travel the world together on their Micro push scooters, meet great people, discover foreign cultures, ‘world-school’ their daughter and produce an online video series documenting their adventures.

The multicultural family are passionate about sharing their real human experiences far from attraction parks. Together they have hunted fish and giant coconut crabs with tribes in the South Pacific, trained in a Cambodian circus, gone to school in a rural Vietnam school, taught English in Nepal and picked tea leaves in the highest tea plantation in the world in southern India.

However, not content with just living this special experience, the parents, Sean (from Ireland) and Valerie (from France), decided to share it and launch an online travel series called The Kid Trotter. This series told from the perspective of their ultra-energetic little girl Enya, follows their discovery of foreign cultures.

In an age where borders are closing and terror and fear are almost omnipresent, the family seek to address these concerns through the messages they convey in their productions. Sean, the Dad, says: “Through open-mindedness and a genuine interest in learning about other cultures we realise that people everywhere are similar, all in search of happiness. People are both kind and fun, and even more so when travelling with kids.”

The series is an innovative mix of storytelling and fun and upbeat editing. Produced in both English and French, it has already broken the half a million views, after being featured in press across 10 countries.

Schools in France, Australia, New Zealand and the US have already begun showing the videos to young students who are delighted to see how the real world looks through Enya’s eyes, in a break from their textbooks.

After travelling the world in 2016 the Kid Trotter family are now focusing on great European destinations beginning with Malta. During their 10 days filming here, they will focus on the amazing countryside, Easter processions, local history and culture, gastronomy, fishing and the arts.

The family will be filming in Malta from April 13 to 18 and in Gozo from April 18 to 23. For more information, visit , or .


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