As an established manufacturer of fine garden products, Leisure Grow continues to build its reputation for innovation, pioneering design and environmental care. Synonymous with both quality and lasting value, Leisure Grow barbecues are sought by the most discerning customers. Built on heritage, Leisure Grow products move with the times, embrace technology and become part of the modern home.

For the discerning cooks who demand versatility, performance and great tasting food, barbecuing on a Leisure Grow Grill Stream has never been more rewarding. This collection of stylish barbecues has been designed to ensure that they retain all the flavour and eliminate the flare ups that cause food to burn on the outside and remain uncooked on the inside.

The Leisure Grow Grill Stream is a versatile outdoor cooker providing you with all the functionality you are likely to demand. Its timeless appeal ensures that there is a model to suit all requirements.

The special U-shaped upper and lower grills work together to prevent flare ups

With normal grills, oil and fat simply falls between the bars onto the heat source. This causes fat fires and flare ups which burn and char the food, resulting in a loss of flavour. With the Leisure Grow Grill Stream, the special U-shaped upper and lower grills work together to prevent flare ups by attracting the oils and fats and then streaming them into the collection tray for easy disposal later. This means that no messy cleaning up is involved.

This allows the food to grill safely and more healthily, infusing the flavour and juices into the food to retain the authentic barbecue taste we all know and love.

A large selection of barbecues is available from Satariano Home, Marina Street, Pieta or Satariano, Valley Road, Birkirkara.


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