Triple world champion Lewis Hamilton has clarified comments about not wanting to share data with Formula One team-mates and says he has “zero problems” with new Mercedes arrival Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton told a Facebook Live session with F1 sponsor UBS last Friday that drivers should do their own “homework” rather than be able to copy a team-mate’s racing lines and braking points.

“I go out, do my laps, do all my homework and the other guy can see everything,” said the Briton.

“When we’re driving we’re picking out braking points, bumps, tyre rubber marks on the track, all these different things to help get you through the corner quickest ... but because of this (shared) data they (team-mates) can just copy you.

“They should be able to go out there on their own and find it all themselves, without you.”

Hamilton’s comments were interpreted by some as the Briton criticising Mercedes for insisting on shared data between team-mates, but he took to Twitter on Monday to emphasise that was not the case.

“I wish to clarify, I have not hit out at my team at all. My point on data sharing is solely my feelings about the sport in general,” said the 32-year-old, who made his debut with McLaren in 2007 alongside double champion Fernando Alonso.

“It has been my feeling since the day I started F1 and still is 10 years later. There is zero problems in my team, zero problems with Bottas.”

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