The Superintendent for Cultural Heritage is evading questions about the British-era relic found in Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo’s house, saying he has nothing to add to what he said in February.

Times of Malta asked Kurt Farrugia about the present location of the stone and what authority he had to act in such situations.

But Farrugia said he had already commented on February 17 and “has nothing further to add”.

At the time, Farrugia had said: “The authorities went to Refalo's house and found the artefact there. The competent authorities inspected the property to identify the artefact. The artefact has been identified and the proprietor is collaborating in full”.

Last week Refalo confirmed he had been questioned by the police about the presence of the artefact in his home.

Farrugia did not provide any details about the police investigation, such as whether the marker had been confiscated, nor did he explain whether he believes its possession by an individual is legal.

Questions were also sent to Heritage Malta regarding their position on the matter and whether they expect to take possession of the stone marker.

In their reply, the museums agency simply said that “Heritage Malta is the manager of cultural heritage items, museums and sites entrusted to it by the government.“

All other regulatory aspects such as, but not limited to, import, export and legal matters are the responsibility of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.

Heritage Malta therefore cannot reply to such questions regarding a case that is still being investigated”.

Anton Refalo is former Heritage Malta chairman.

It is not known whether the relic was confiscated from the agriculture minister’s home by the police as part of the investigation or whether it is still in his possession.

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