Maltese same-sex couples will never walk the red carpet of our historic cathedrals, sanctuaries and countryside chapels and experience the bliss heterosexuals feel when declaring their matrimonial consent before God andhis Church.

Our sacred altars, the gaze of icons and the solace of the relics of the martyrs of old will remain out of their reach. They’ll shout “Lord, Lord open the door for us” (Matthew 25, 11) but it will remain shut. The only steps they can kneel upon will be those of confessionals so that they may repent.

This hurts and despite the LGBTIQ trumpeting during the summer pride marches their hearts harbour a pain that evolves into downright rage directed against bishops. For the LGBTIQ lobby knows that what the State acclaims the Roman Catholic Church will not bless. Protestantism, as always, is one big mess for they range from the Northern Irish Calvinists demonising gays to the Swedish Lutherans who placed a married lesbian as the archbishop of Stockholm.

Funnily the Northern Irish Protestants allied themselves with Scottish Tories led by a ‘married’ lesbian because of anti-Irish glue. Like the Swedes the Anglicans will soon surrender to Caesar’s whims and it shouldn’t be surprising for since Henry VIII their history has been a capitulation to the Herod of the day.

How ironic that non-religious Japanese wholeheartedly rush to Christian marriage even though Christians account for just one per cent of the population. Isn’t this peculiar that Japanese avoid Shinto ceremonies or drab civil marriage and choose Catholic rites?

Despite being largely non-religious perhaps their hearts tell them that real love means opting for a Christian marriage rite. Indeed on March 1, 1975, the Vatican granted the Japanese Catholic Church a special permission to conduct wedding ceremonies for non-affiliated and non-Christian couples. This seems weird. Japanese agnostics have access to the Catholic sacrament in a manner on par with baptised Church members but then homosexuals the world over are barred.

I dare say that the ultimate triumph of the LGBTIQ lobby would be if the Catholic and Orthodox Churches were to capitulate and become like the Swedish Lutherans. Civil marriage performed during a dull ceremony presided by a bored and probably unwilling paid civil servant will provide fleeting solace in our demographically dying grey-haired Western world whereas bustling and young African nations have the opposite trend.

This is what same-sex marriage does – it mimics Christian holy matrimony and in the process destroys the marriage provided by the State

But there is more warmth in their savannah chapels made of bamboo because theirs is blessed by God.

Maltese same-sex couples wanting a religious blessing might recruit a Wiccan or Druid priestess to perform a marriage rite mimicking Catholic liturgy in our Neolithic temples. I’m sure Equality Minister Helena Dalli will gladly intervene so that Heritage Malta cooperates.

But even here problems arise because pagan cultures obsessed with fertility deities would never ever fathom such a thing.

Debauched orgy loving Canaanites in Sodom did not have same-sex marriage even though homosexuality was rampant. Nor did the Romans and Greeks who tolerated pederasty.

How then did same-sex marriage originate?

Before answering this it is worth noting that matrimony evolved the way it did in the Western world because the Catholic magisterium based it on Christ’s words and St Paul’s letters. Christian holy matrimony unlike pagan marriage or the Roman matrimonium – literally meaning mater-monium i.e. assigning a mothering role to a woman – is the mirror of the love Christ has towards his most beloved bride, the Church, prefigured in the Old Testament by Yahweh’s exceptional love for his chosen people Israel.

Since we forgot our history and we stopped studying Latin and the Classics we don’t realise that marriage as we acceptit nowadays came into being because it was introduced in the history of civilisation by the Catholic Church.

Paradoxically same-sex marriage would not have been possible without the Christian enculturation lasting centuries and it arose precisely because it expropriates principles of Christian holy matrimony.

This simulation of Christian marriage is a further testimony of same-sex marriage perversion because mimicry is the preferred way of the Evil One. This is the intuition of Dante Alighieri. In the ninth circle of the Inferno Lucifer is buried waist deep in ice with three heads sticking out of one body and eternally chewing Brutus, Cassius and Judas.

Dante’s Lucifer has three heads because he is mimicking the Triune God and he is chewing traitors to mimic Christ’s “I’m in you and you are in me’’ (John 14, 20). Dante is hinting that evil is incapable of creating but mimics and imitates and doing so perverts and distorts the image which it is trying to copy.

This is what same-sex marriage does – it mimics Christian holy matrimony and in the process destroys the marriage provided by the State. It will not, however, destroy holy matrimony for “the gates of hell shall not prevail’’ (Matthew 16, 18).

At this time in history I feel proud to be Roman Catholic. Like first-century Christians we are being derided by the mainstream media but this ought to make us feel better because that is what they did to the Lord.

Let us then live the message of Our Lady of Fatima and pray the rosary daily and do penance for the conversion of sinners.

Only then will we find life. I did it and I was saved from sin and found life again.

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