Il-Maqluba consists of a deep, large-scale inland collapsed solution structure.

It is the best example within the Maltese Islands of a closed depression that is formed either by the solution of surface stones or by a collapse of underlying caves. This phenomenon makes it a unique area in the Maltese islands with a distinctive ecosystem.

The remains of rubble walls indicate that this Natura 2000 site was probably once used for agricultural purposes. Nowadays, il-Maqluba supports an important population of native tree communities, dominated by the Bay Laurel tree, which is locally rare, and including the National Tree, the Sandarac Gum Tree.

This site is also home to a number of other rare species of plants and fungi, such as the Maltese Salt Tree, which are found only in Malta.

This Natura 2000 site will be subject to the preparation of a management plan and/or legislation in the near future, as part of an EU funded project that Mepa is undertaking for the management planning all the terrestrial Natura 2000 sites of the Maltese Islands.

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