Received with universal critical acclaim for its cinematography, thematic originality and poetic style, Ciro Guerra’s 2015 film El Abrazo de la Serpiente (Embrace of the Serpent) will be screened at St James Cavalier Cinema, Valletta, today at 7.30pm.

Shot mostly in black and white, the film plot revolves around a plant with legendary healing properties that, over a span of 40 years, draws two scientists to the Amazon rainforest, where the last surviving shaman of a dying tribe reluctantly agrees to guide their quest.

Like Guerra’s previous offerings – The Wind Journeys (2009) and Wandering Shadows (2004) – the film traces the wonder and horror of a long journey that resonates with myths surrounding life and death.

The film will be screened at St James Cavalier Cinema, Valletta, today, at 7.30pm. It is being presented by Spazju Kreattiv in cooperation with the Honorary Consulate for Colombia. For tickets and more information, call 2122 3200 or visit


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