Going to the pool or beach should be a relaxing experience for all. Many times it isn’t. Worrying about having car keys, money or smartphone stolen will be a source of stress which can turn fun in the sun into a total nightmare.

An ingenious product soon to be available on Malta’s beaches and lidos, Paddly offers the first high-tech lockers created specifically to provide a perfect safety solution.

Forgetting about losing their valuables, people can turn to these keyless lockers, which are very easy and safe to use simply by downloading an app on their smartphone.

The app allows you to book a Paddly locker instantly or for any future date, making sure that a locker will be available whenever you need it. Paddly offers a variety of sizes and prices, making it suitable for solo use or for the whole family. The lockers can also be rented out to use during events such as weddings.

Paddly is also equipped with a USB port so one can charge their devices while keeping them safe and secure. Payments can be made securely via PayPal or by using a credit card.




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