An international cyber security seminar which will link live to a major Brazil event, will be held at MITA’s offices this evening at 6.

The organisers have widely publicised the linkage to Malta

In Malta, there will first be contributions by world leading security figures including former US National Security Agency technical director Brian Snow, and Bob Quick, former Assistant Commissioner of Police in the UK.

The seminar will then include a reciprocal live link with the Annual Brazil Security Leaders Congress in Sao Paolo.

Benjamin Gittins, CTO of Synaptic Laboratories, speaking from the Malta seminar, will participate in the two-day congress attended by some 300 chief executives and decision-makers from across Brazil’s public, academic and industry sectors.

The Brazil congress organisers have widely publicised this bi-directional linkage to Malta.

Tonight’s event is organised by ICT Gozo Malta and the Chartered Institute of IT, BCS Malta Section. It is supported by MITA, the ICT Students Association, Malta Infosecurity Org and academics from MCAST, and the University of Malta. ICT Gozo Malta, co-founded by The Gozo Business Chamber and Synaptic Labs Limited, is part financed by the government.

Synaptic Labs’ participation will take place remotely from the Malta seminar and will be the first such international participation in the history of the Brazil Congress. The invitation to participate was initiated from Brazil by SCOPUS Technology (part of the Bradesco Bank Group), a leading IT company servicing all Brazil. It is the result of outreach by Synaptic Labs and the ICT Gozo Malta project at international events, creating new international relationships and drawing international attention to Malta as a source of exciting ICT innovation.

The Brazil Congress will be streamed live onto the Internet with translation into English. In the panel called Securing Legitimate Access, Mr Gittins will participate from Malta along with several prominent Brazilian information security leaders from government, industry and Academia.

The Malta seminar will also include several remote keynote presentations from Brazil, the US and UK.

Places at the seminar are limited and registration is strongly recommended at or, or by e-mail at or

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